Still Producing Ad Creatives from Scratch? We Might Have an Alternative

Vali Scorus

We're great fans of playable ads. We like them so much that we created Playturbo, a playable ad creative platform built for advertisers to help them customize their playable ads in a matter of clicks.

Not long ago, we announced that new features and upgrades have been added to Playturbo, making it even easier to optimize your playable ads and boost your campaign ROI. When we launched this new update, we succeeded in making one key thing possible: your ability to quickly iterate and optimize your playable ads.

Optimizing your playable ads has never been easier thanks to Playturbo

To maximize the ROI generated by playable ads, advertisers have started looking at ways to lower production costs while increasing the overall process efficiency. Our new version of Playturbo was a big step in speeding up the entire iterative process for playable ads. With that part done, we decided it was time to focus on another area: making the playable ad production process more affordable. This is why our team went to work on building a feature designed specifically to tackle the playable production costs.

Playable ads: challenges and opportunities

With playable ads being essentially the best-performing ad formats on the market, it's no wonder advertisers are rapidly adopting this format into their campaigns. In fact, 82% of campaigns on the Mintegral platform have interactive ads, and playable ads generated 70% of all app installs. Compared to standard video ads, playable ads can generate 3 times higher IVR on average, with some successful cases even seeing 10x increases. Plus, the retention rate of playable ads is over 10% higher across the entire promotional cycle.

Whether advertisers are currently building their playable ads in-house or with the help of a creative agency, they need to keep in mind a few crucial things: 1)the production team's skill and capacity, 2)their efficiency in terms of building, iterating, and optimizing playable ads, and last but not least, 3)the advertising budget available.

With playable ad production cycles running at an average of 1-2 weeks, and the costs associated being restrictive for many budgets, we looked at an alternative that should make the whole production process faster, easier, and cheaper. Here's a quick peek at what we're working on.

Playable templates coming to Playturbo

Since launching the new Playturbo version, our team has been hard at work on another new tool that will soon be integrated into the Playturbo ecosystem - we're talking about playable templates!

We know building a playable ad from scratch every time is not feasible for most advertisers, no matter if it's done in-house or with external help. This is why we're going to launch a new solution that will help you decrease your costs and improve your campaign results.

This new platform has several key advantages that will take your playable ad campaigns to the next level. We'll be able to tell you more about this platform and its key features very soon, so stay tuned!

A quick look at the new Playturbo platform built for playable templates

Pre-register now and get a discount

If you'd like to try our new templated playables, then make sure you register your interest below and our team will get in touch with you as soon as it's live. What's more, if you sign up in March, you'll get a 10% discount, so make sure you don't miss out. We are very excited about this new feature and we can't wait to share more news with you soon, so make sure you pre-register today!

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