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How App Store Optimization and Creative Sets Can Improve App Performance

With iOS 14.5 a reality, combining high-quality creatives with a solid ASO strategy is more important than ever. But how can they help you maximize your ROI?

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Why creative automation is essential for app marketers post-IDFA

Without the ability to use IDFA as an easy way to target new and existing users, there is more need than ever before for ad creatives to really deliver.

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How to Use Multiple Iterative Interactive Ads to Achieve Advertising Success

Here is how playable ads can be constantly optimized in order for advertising campaigns to achieve steady revenue.

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Stella Zhu : Unlocking Your Games’ Global Potential with the Power of Interactive Ads

Given the current industry trends, what are the most effective strategies to use when advertising in the global market?

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Three Big Takeaways for Getting Your Creative Strategy Right in China

Stella Zhu, director of Mintegral’s in-house creative agency, Mindworks, shared some tips on how to get creatives right in the Chinese market.

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