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How Mindworks Playable Ads Helped Lilith Games' AFK Arena Double Its CVR

Here's how our playable ads managed to double their conversion rate.

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How ITI’s Game On Ice! Got 95% of Its Installs from Mindworks’ Playable Ad

How powerful can a premium playable ad be when it comes to user acquisition? Quite powerful, actually. .

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How MondayOFF used playable ads to boost global UA performance and improve IVR by 57%

How did Mindworks help MondayOFF build those high-quality playable ads? Read our Wacky Jelly case study to learn more.

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Why Playables Are a Better Solution to Mid/Hardcore Games User Acquisition Challenges

Playable ads have become a powerful promotion tool for midcore and hardcore gaming developers.

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3 Creative Strategies to Maximize Homer City`s CVR and IVR Using Interactive Endcards

Spoiler alert: this partnership has been a success, as the Mindworks team managed to use their creative expertise to get Homer City to the top of the charts!

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