The New Playturbo Version Is Taking Playable Optimization to the Next Level

Vali Scorus

We are excited to announce a new version of Playturbo, the playable ad platform designed to help advertisers rapidly iterate playable ads and improve campaign performance through dynamic creative optimization. We’ve been working hard on this version and we’re excited to finally be able to share the details, so read on to find out more!

The challenges for playable ads: cost and efficiency

It’s safe to say that playable ads have become one of the most popular ad creative formats in the industry over the last couple of years. Today, most advertisers are looking to leverage the creative potential of playable ads to achieve strong, sustainable growth for their campaigns.

Compared with other creative formats, playable ads provide a better user experience and increase user engagement, conversion, retention, and LTV for advertisers. However, even though advertisers are seeing great demand for playable ads, one of the key issues they face is the fact that these are significantly more complex, expensive, and time-consuming. This makes the campaign optimization process very difficult, as they will not have the agility required to quickly make changes and update their campaigns with new creatives.

So how can advertisers get the right playable ads to maximize their ROI? In order to use the power of playable ads as efficiently as possible for successful campaigns, the key lies in granular asset iteration and dynamic creative optimization. 

Playturbo: asset-based iteration and dynamic optimization

Playturbo by Mindworks is a self-service playable ad platform that allows advertisers to make playable iterations in a matter of seconds and use different variations in order to continuously optimize their campaigns.

 Using the new Playturbo platform, advertisers can benefit from the following features:

  • Custom playable creatives: Mindworks provides custom playable ads first that cover a wide range of scenarios for advertisers across different industries around the world, which includes the possibility for subsequent playable iterations.

  • No coding skills required: Advertisers can quickly iterate multiple versions from the original playable creative with just a few clicks, by simply adjusting key assets and parameters such as CTA button, characters, skins, background music, game difficulty, text content, and more.

  • Compatible with major ad networks: Your main playable and all its variations can be exported and deployed to all the major ad networks including Mintegral, Facebook, Google, Unity, AppLovin, Vungle, TikTok, and more.

  • Dynamic Playable Optimization support: Thanks to Mintegral’s leading algorithms technology, Playturbo can automatically analyze playable elements, and combine the best elements at each position for the best combination to improve conversion.

Several major advertisers have already utilized Playturbo to help them iterate their playable ads. This includes popular brands like Voodoo, MarkApp, KAYAC, Dual Cat, Dwango, NetEase, FunPlus, Topgames, and more. 

"Working with Playturbo has been an incredible experience so far. The platform is easy to use, well designed, and allows us to quickly iterate on performing playable ads, so that we’re always on top of the market,” said Stéphane Jérisian, Marketing Artist at Voodoo. “Paired with Mindworks exceptional team, we have achieved a perfect rhythm of performance and ad renewability."

The future of playable ads: automation and repeated testing

“Creative automation technology can greatly improve the production efficiency of playable ads. This will enable more and more advertisers, especially gaming companies, to bring playable ad production in-house to accelerate their workflows and retain the control needed for more creative innovation,” said Stella Zhu, Head of the Mindworks Creative Studio. 

Playturbo is designed specifically to solve the pain points of playable ad iteration, giving advertisers the ability to run in-house iterations, A/B tests and adjust their playable ads for maximum efficiency and minimum costs.

We will continue to work hard to provide high-quality playable ad creatives, enabling advertisers to make full use of a playable ad’s scenes, interactivity, and all kinds of creative elements. Using automation tools to help advertisers continuously explore and find the best-performing variations through repeated A/B tests and Dynamic Creative Optimization technology. Schedule a demo today and try the new Playturbo!

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